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Real Quietly Powerful Leaders

Over the last 18 months or so I have had to pleasure of meeting and interviewing real Quietly Powerful Leaders from a range of sectors. I am still interviewing more as I find out about these extraordinary leaders who lead to make a difference.

I thought to showcase a few from time to time in the Quietly Powerful newsletters so you can see the power of a quietly powerful approach in real life. They have inspired me to continue to learn what it takes to be quietly powerful - I hope it inspires you also. To watch the whole interview, please join the Quietly Powerful Members LinkedIn Group at

You will also start to see snippets of these interviews on LinkedIn, so please keep an eye out and help to make these quietly powerful leaders more visible by sharing/liking!


Gio Stagno

Partner at EY, Asia Pacific Risk Assurance Lead

Gio shares that while he has had to adapt his style of leadership to different cultures, his natural tendencies to reflect, prepare and listen have helped him to lead effectively in a range of situations.

Gio Stagno interview photo

"Listening is very key so you can have a lot to say and very powerful things to say, but when is the right time to say it is something you need to consider. It's not always the right time. Some people just have a tendency to always want to jump in, jump in. Listening I found is very, very powerful."
Gio Stagno 

Angie Paskevicius

CEO and Executive Director at Holly Oak and also a Executive Director of a number of other organizations, an executive coach, and a public speaker, 2015 WA Telstra Business Woman of the Year award winner.

Angie shares her how her life experiences have shaped how and why she leads, as well as how her quieter, calm nature has been her leadership strength. She also shares how she continues stretch herself and how that's part of being an effective leader.

QP interview Angie Paskevicius

"I quite often say that I never really aspired for leadership or to become a CEO. For me, it's turned out to be a fairly natural journey that's really just happened. I had an amazing mum who was not well-educated, that was a tireless volunteer who spent a lot of time supporting other people in fundraising. And from her, I had a very special gift, which is really about the gift of making a difference and wanting to give back, and almost in a sense, to serve. And so that's really been, I guess, a cornerstone of my journey."
Angie Paskevicius 

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