Megumi offers a different approach to unlocking potential

"Most people die with their music locked up inside them." Benjamin Disraeli


After attending an innovative culture change program in 2001, Megumi realised she had to put aside a successful career in finance and strategy at ANZ in order to truly make a difference. This life-changing moment convinced her that she needed to unlock the music locked up inside and help others to do the same.


As a Consultant in Leadership, Culture and Diversity & Inclusion, Megumi brings together her 20 years’ experience and practical knowledge of business strategy, finance, leadership, organisational development and culture change. She also draws on her life experience – moving countries multiple times as a child, being on the ‘outer’, her Japanese and Australian upbringing, her own successes and challenges. She shared a bit about her life in a keynote speech, some of which you can see here.


Megumi started the Quietly Powerful movement in August 2016 to help quieter professionals to thrive on their own terms and expand the definition of what good leadership looks like. The book Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength  received the Australian Career Book Award for 2020 by RSA Oceania and Best Leadership Book of 2020 by the Australian Business Book Awards. As a speaker, she offers unique insights, as highlighted by the feedback seen in keynoteworthy, diverse thinkers and speakers site.


As a quieter professional herself and as a leadership and culture consultant, she feels it is time to update our beliefs about what effective leadership looks like.


Close the ‘knowing/doing gap’

While many people know what is needed to realise their own and others’ potential, few have reinforced the knowledge to bring change into everyday action. With Megumi’s programs, behaviour change principles are embedded into every exercise, workshop, and assessment.


Research and background

Quietly Powerful programs are based on first hand research with real life Quietly Powerful leaders as well as building on various work on quiet leadership by authors such as Susan Cain's Quiet, Laurie Helgoe's Introvert Power and David Rock's Quiet Leadership and theories on self-efficacy, power and rank, personality traits, developmental models from process oriented psychology.


Inspire to Outperform programs draw upon a number of theories and principles in its approach, including coaching principles and process-oriented psychology. Daniel Goleman’s Leadership That Gets Results observes that the ‘coaching style of leadership’ is currently under-utilised. Multipliers by Liz Wiseman encourages leaders to multiply, not diminish team intelligence and capability.


Contact Megumi to hear about her unique approaches to leadership development, culture change and personal development.


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