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White paper: Quietly Powerful - Get your talents recognised and succeed on your own terms as a quieter professional

Megumi Miki, Updated December 2017


For too long being quiet has been seen as a disadvantage, when it can be a leadership strength. Too many talented quieter professionals who contribute a lot fail to get noticed, recognised or are overlooked. The white paper outlines a way for these professionals to become quietly powerful and thrive by leveraging their natural qualities more fully.

Download the full whitepaper here.


Breakfast Presentation: Quietly Powerful - Use your quiet nature as your leadership strength

Megumi Miki, April 2019


Recording of the public breakfast outlining the value of Quietly Powerful Leadership and how we can move from being quietly disempowered to quietly powerful. 

Access the presentation recording here.


Webinar recording: Quietly Powerful - Unlock Your Hidden Talent

Megumi Miki, May 2018


The second global webinar to introduce Quietly Powerful as a way to unlock the talents of quieter professionals and leverage the hidden talent in organisations. 


White paper: Rethink Diversity for Competitive Advantage

Megumi Miki, 2015


Traditional businesses are being overtaken by new business models, often started by talented individuals who didn’t ‘fit’ in organisations. Some of these people are difficult to attract and retain. Organisations run the risk of falling behind if they do not leverage the power of diverse teams, thinking, and collaboration.

Download the full whitepaper here.


White paper: Step Up! Address performance and behaviour issues before they turn sour

Megumi Miki, 2015


What is it costing you, your team and organisation to have people with performance and/or behaviour issues? The 12 page white paper outlines the cost of ineffective approaches, the value of building accountability and five common mistakes made by leaders in addressing the issues based on observations and research.

Download the full whitepaper here.


White paper: Inspire to Outperform - Grow proactive teams that drive performance

Megumi Miki, 2014


Have you ever wondered why some teams are able to deliver so much more quality and quantity with the same or fewer resources? Find out what it takes to inspire more than drive performance. It is how dormant human potential – individual and collective – are unlocked. This 8-page white paper outlines the journey towards an ‘inspired’ team. 

Download the full white paper.


Inspire to Outperform Self Assessment Tools

The short form assessment tool asks you 20 questions to gauge how much you inspire people to perform at their best. The full assessment tool contains 3 questionnaires to assess how much you inspire people as well as what you may be doing that inspires people or not.

Click here to access both assessment tools.


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