Inspire to Outperform

With time-poor leaders expected to deliver more with less, organisations cannot afford to leave individual and collective potential lying dormant.


To advance your leadership style and amplify the talents of your team, Inspire to Outperform unleashes this potential. You will develop the strength to lead with conviction while empowering your team to stretch and grow.



We work with leaders including:

  • Leaders with teams
  • Leaders without teams, with influential roles
  • HR professionals: Organisational Development, HR Business Partners and L&D
  • C-Suite executives to front line managers


Inspire to Outperform Foundation Program

Over 2 full days of intensive workshops and assessments and 6 weeks’ practical application, Inspire to Outperform helps you dive deeper into the leadership mindsets and skillsets that transform relationships, team performance, and organisational culture.


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Inspire to Outperform Coaching Program

With 12 weeks of intensive one on one coaching, Inspire to Outperform Coaching Program expands leadership mindsets and skill-sets that you specifically need while addressing real leadership issues you are currently dealing with.


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Our Approach

Impactful, personalised learning: Using real cases, applying practical skills and receiving immediate feedback, you will learn what you personally need to inspire your team to lead, take accountability, outperform and grow.


Focus on inner development: Your mindsets, presence, and your impact on the team are explored, just as much as skills and techniques.


Designed to stick: Multiple learning touchpoints and extended timeframes allow time for experimentation, reflection, and application in the workplace.


Strong results focus and ROI: The program helps leaders to adjust their mindsets and behaviours to harness the power of the collective. The resulting cultural shift enables sustained high performance and growth, with more people in the organisation developing a ‘coaching style’ of leadership to hold each other accountable.


Expand your leadership potential. Contact Megumi on +61 (0)407 323 032 or email us to book a tailored program for your team.

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