In response to interest from women from the UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra about Quietly Powerful Women, we have organised a Global Webinar on 7th June 2017 from 6-7pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time. (9am in the UK, mid morning in Europe, 8pm in New Zealand, 4pm in Perth)


Over 400 women have attended the QPW events since starting in August 2016 and articles such as Do you have to be an extrovert to get ahead?  and Don't tell me to "Be more confident" have gained a lot of attention. It looks like there are a lot of women who can relate to this challenge! 


In the Webinar we will discuss:

  • The challenges for quieter professional women, including one that many are not even aware of.
  • Can quiet/introversion be an advantage?
  • What does it take to become quietly powerful?


Join us for the first ever global webinar on this topic, moderated by Collette Murray, Engagement and Programme Manager at London Business School Leadership Institute. Quieter women and men, managers and colleagues of talented quieter people are all welcome!


The webinar recording can be accessed HERE.

Asian Australian Leadership Summit 2016    

I am honoured to be confirmed as the chair and workshop facilitator at the Asian Australian Leadership Summit 18-21 July 2016. The Summit aims to support emerging Asian Australian Leaders to achieve personal and professional development success by hearing inspirational leadership stories and discussing the opportunities and challenges.


Please see the details and register at a 10% discount HERE.

Do you feel caught in the "busy-ness epidemic"? Do you wish your team would step up more so you can think ahead? Having worked with hundreds of leaders with this dilemma, I’d love to share some tips to help teams to step up.


If you are a senior or mid-level leader of teams and wish to see your teams step up and contribute more, please join us for a webinar ‘Team leadership tips for time poor leaders’ at 8am 11th December or 12pm 15th December (AEST) to discuss:


  • How the pressure to deliver is not easing off anytime soon and we need to adapt
  • 5 reasons why your team may not be stepping up – how you may be unintentionally adding to the problem
  • 3 things to do to start breaking the cycle


Register HERE


book cover


I am celebrating the launch of my book – Start Inspiring, Stop Driving – in digital format by committing to donate all profits from book sales in October and November to my wonderful client, Good Shepherd Microfinance. My book is available for purchase at HERE in physical and digital formats.


Good Shepherd Microfinanceis a leading not-for-profit microfinance provider in Australia, offering no or low interest loans and other financial services to people who are excluded from mainstream financial services. 


My book is about believing in people’s potential and inspiring them to perform at their best. I believe in enabling people to realise their own potential andGood Shepherd Microfinance is a great example. They believe in and support people on low income to define and realise their own economic wellbeing and to feel valued and in control of their finances and lives.

Tough AND Caring: Leadership Keys to Turning Around Poor Performance and Behaviour

I will be hosting a mini-workshop on Tuesday 11th August from 9:00-11:30am at Inspire9 near Richmond station in Melbourne, VIC. Enabled by Peer Academy, the cost is just $97 per person. The first five to register will get 20% off using the code "toughandcaring20%off".

Why attend?
It costs a lot to have a team member who is not performing or behaving to expectations. With all the pressure to perform and grow, we cannot afford to avoid or ineffectively address performance and behaviour issues. The workshop is an interactive session to find more powerful mindsets and skill-sets that increase the chances of empowering the team member/s to turn performance and behaviour issues around.

Register HERE

I have now presented in 6 cities for the 2015 Chartered Accountants Business Forum – Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Wellington.


Here is the summary graphic of the talk – Inspire to Outperform.


business forum graphic recording


megumi business forum

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