Quietly Powerful

Participants of Quietly Powerful programs succeed because of their quieter innate qualities. Some have successfully moved to jobs they wanted, others have become confident enough to ask for promotions and others have been given feedback on how much more they are speaking up confidently.


Here are some of the comments received from past participants:


“The program has made a significant difference to me. I learned how to use my quiet strengths at work. I feel more comfortable and confident in unfamiliar environments. I learned how to practice and manage my inner voice and remain calm. I can’t speak highly enough of this course!!”  Renee, Business Analyst


 “I'm still a work-in-progress, but since participating in Megumi's program, I've learned to value my strengths and display more self-confidence. Megumi and the Facet 5 profiling tool gave me greater insight into my natural traits and how I can turn what others may perceive as weaknesses into strong differentiators.”  Lorraine, IT Manager


The programs are specifically designed for aspiring and already successful female leaders who have a quieter nature or an introvert preference. They may:


  • Be naturally quieter and feel they are held back or overlooked, or
  • Have adapted by acting more like an extrovert but would like to access their natural quieter qualities.



QPW 1-1 Coaching Program: 3-5 months 

The 1-1 coaching program is a tailored program to help women to leverage their innate qualities and strengthen their ability to contribute and lead in a way that’s authentic and powerful.


The starting point is a deeper understanding of their innate qualities with the Facet 5 profiling tool. We build on this understanding to work on specific goals that the coachee wants to achieve. 


The program is flexible, with mutually agreed schedules to work around other commitments. It is also tailored to address specific work challenges (eg. a critical meeting to prepare for). The 1-1 coaching program is offered as a mix of face to face and virtual for Melbourne and Sydney participants and virtually for participants outside these cities.


Flyer is available here. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.



QPW Virtual Group Coaching Program: 16 weeks

So many women, especially quieter women, have internalised the societal messages that they are not confident, competent enough or able to lead. The virtual program uses the Quietly Powerful methodology to unwind these internalised messages that hold women back.


The 16 week program is delivered through virtual group coaching sessions, self-paced learning materials such as videos and worksheets and includes the Facet 5 profiling tool, which describes the value of each individual’s innate qualities. Designed to fit around busy schedules, the program takes about 30-90 minutes per week of their time.

The program is available to participants globally. The next cohort starts in February 2018.


Flyer is available here. Book at trybooking or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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