Case studies


Client: NAB

Dates: 2012-present


Megumi has been the lead consultant for the NAB Enterprise Coaching Culture program for 5 years. This influential cultural change process developed frameworks and approaches for leaders to adopt a coaching approach and to build a coaching culture into NAB. This included developing a framework, tools to support leaders, and designing a range of interventions to build awareness, motivation and skill. Since its inception, the flagship learning program, “Coaching Essentials” has reached more than 1,100 people and remains one of the highest rated leadership program at NAB. Due to the practical nature of the program, many participants have applied the learnings and achieved results.


Client: ANZ

Dates: 2002-2006


The highly successful and innovative ‘Breakout’ program sought to transform ANZ’s culture. As senior consultant, facilitator and coach, Megumi Miki led the design of programs and delivered workshops. Breakout was widely acclaimed as one of the best examples of successful cultural transformations in the world, and was used as a case study by Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter. Breakout reached 27,000 ANZ staff across the globe.


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