Calm in Chaos

Calm in Chaos started on 20th March 2020 as the Coronavirus chaos started to impact us in a big way, all around the world.


Each week we create the space to step back and access our inner calm, creativity and resourcefulness. HERE is what we are doing - it's experimental and will adapt over time, just like what is happening in the world. The intent to spread calm (rather than the virus or panic).


These sessions and recordings are set up as 'pay if you can and found it valuable'. You are very welcome to watch and join the sessions for free if you cannot pay, given current circumstances.


CIC 23 Apr 2020 Jo Skipper Calm in chaos virtual learning group session 19Calm in chaos virtual learning group session coming up Aug Sep 2020



Coming up: 



Session 29: Starting over rather than pivot – how to decide, start and stay the course with Sonia Tallarida, Founder and Director of The Coherence Group, Energising Leaders and Teams


Session 30: Access Flow in everyday life, based on principles of Martial Arts
with Peter Shearer,
 Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Author and Karate Teacher


Session 31: Practical tips on accessing calm under performance pressure with Richard Lawton, Master Voice and Presentation Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Author


Session 32: Practical session on mindfulness, apply what elite athletes do into our everyday life with Dr Amy Salzman, Founder and Author of Still Quiet Place, US based holistic physician, mindfulness coach and long-time athlete


Session 33: ‘Tempered Radicals’ who create change by walking the tightrope between conformity and rebellion with Roman Ruzbacky, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Practitioner and President of Equal Employment Opportunity Network (EEON


Session 34: Summary and reflections after 8 months of Calm in Chaos with 32 guests with Megumi Miki





Session 1: Calm in the Chaos - four mental strategies to access calm and creativity with Megumi Miki, Founder of Quietly Powerful


Session 2: Calm under pressure - interview with Katrina Webb, Paralympic Gold Medalist and International Speaker on Leadership and Personal Mastery

Session 3: Communicating with and influencing others in these challenging times with Anneli Blundell, Professional People Whisperer who decodes communication and human dynamics


Session 4: Planning for financial uncertainty with Susan Wahhab, Financial Strategist and Money Mentor


Session 5: Accessing gratitude to successfully navigate a way forward with Michelle Gibbings, workplace expert, international speaker and PhD researcher on gratitude 


Session 6: Networking and job hunting in these challenging and uncertain times with Jo Skipper, Director of The Next Group 


Session 7: Supporting our children through change and uncertainty with Jacinda Fisher, Clinical Psychologist working with children and teems from Developing Minds


Session 8: Unlearning as a key skill to adapting in a constantly changing & chaotic world with Stephen Dowling, Founder of ETM, a niche organisation that challenges traditional thinking, 


Session 9: Learning mindfulness/meditation/relaxation practices that work for you with Paul Mischel, Facilitator, Coach, NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist 


Session 10: Optimism in difficult times - the benefits and how to access it by Victor Perton, Chief Optimism Officer of the Centre for Optimism.


Session 11: Looking after our own and others' mental health and wellbeing with Dr Jenny Brockis, Medical Doctor and Specialist in brain health and high-performance thinking. 


Session 12: Using LinkedIn as a tool for building meaningful connections while physically distant with Karen Hollenbach, LinkedIn Training Specialist. 


Session 13: Boundaries for self-care and resilience with Dana Eisenstein, Leadership and Transformational Facilitator and Executive Coach 


Session 14: Tips on maintaining productivity working from different locations with Wendy Cole, Productivity and Leadership Expert 


Session 15: How leaders can care for their own and others' wellbeing with Audrey McGibbon, Leadership Wellbeing expert


Session 16: Humans in transition - having the courage to make things up as we go with Caroline Ward, international speaker and author on human potential


Session 17: How can 'not knowing' and 'not doing' be useful at this current time with Diana Renner, award-winning co-author of ‘Not Knowing’ and ‘Not Doing’ and Co-Founder and Director of Unchartered Leadership Institute


Session 18: Research and views on how COVID 19 could hold the key to Personal Happiness with Pete Jensen, Happiness Facilitator and author of ‘Lessons in Happiness from the Third World


Session 19: Calm in Chaos Recap/Summary - key themes and insights from the last 18 sessions with Megumi Miki


Session 20: Observe how we are thinking to avoid getting 'caught' in frustration, anger and disillusionment with Charity Becker, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor and Ethics Geek


Session 21: How to take a systemic view on situations we find ourselves in with Joan Lurie, Systemic Change Expert and Founder of Orgonomix


Session 22: How to deal with workplace conflict during covid, to avoid making it worse with Zandy Fell, Workplace Conflict Resolution Expert and Director of the Zalt Group


Session 23: How important is accessing a calm mind for high performance with Peter Spence, Sports and Performance Consultant


Session 24: Learn about mental health from the direct experience of living with bipolar/depression with Scott Dargan, EQ expert and active manager of his own bipolar condition


Session 25: The Why, What and How of Creating Space to Lead with Purpose and Integrity with Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders, author of ‘Creating the Space to Lead’


Session 26: Conscious Aging, Embracing our Age and Transition into Eldership with Tom Verghese,Speaker, Cross Cultural Consultant and Executive Coach 


Session 27: How Different Personalities are Handling Covid and Lockdowns with Norman Buckley, Author of the Facet5 Personality Profiling Tool


Session 28: Applying the wisdom of Indigenous Australians in challenging times with Annalise Jennings, Community and Business Strategist TedxTalk Presenter


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