Megumi Miki helps organisations flourish by enabling people to bring their strength and passion to work.

After attending an innovative culture change program in 2001, Megumi realised she had to put aside a successful career in finance and strategy at ANZ in order to truly make a difference. This life-changing moment convinced her:


“Everyone has something within they don’t yet know they’re capable of. The more we can connect and grow with each other, the more we can unleash individual and collective potential.”


As a Leadership Consultant, Megumi brings together her 20 years’ experience and practical knowledge of business strategy, finance, leadership, organisational development and culture change. She also draws on a network of experienced associates to deliver high impact services to organisations.


Close the ‘knowing/doing gap’

While many people know what is needed to realise their own and others’ potential, few have reinforced the knowledge to bring change into everyday action. With Megumi’s programs, behaviour change principles are embedded into every exercise, workshop, and assessment.


Research and background

The Inspire to Outperform program draws upon a number of theories and principles in its approach, including coaching principles and process-oriented psychology. Daniel Goleman’s Leadership That Gets Results observes that the ‘coaching style of leadership’ is currently under-utilised. Multipliers by Liz Wiseman encourages leaders to multiply, not diminish team intelligence and capability.


Liberate your potential. Call Megumi on +61 (0)407 323 032 or email us here to book your tailored Inspire to Outperform program.

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